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well, this is a fine how-do-you-do
I reckon,
as the black & white TV
flickers in the corner
and I lie here, waiting to die.
I can’t do anything else –
the telephone is out of reach
(and, besides, what could they do ?),
& I’m thinking – how long have I got
before the blood starts to congeal
before rigor starts to set in
or some other terminal event
seals my fate.
At least she went with a smile on her face,
a heart attack or a seizure
at the moment of climax,
so I can’t help but feel some sort of comfort there,
but that bastard Leroy legging it
when he could see that something wasn’t right.
Still, what else was he going to do?
I turn over & it’s The Twilight Zone
- appropriate, really,
it was one of her favourites, and mine.
Been twenty minutes now -
can’t be much longer, I think,
& she does look peaceful, lying there.
Funny really, that when she has sex, (had sex),
- that I quite enjoyed it as well
& we would share a cigarette afterwards
in the afterglow.
So I light up one last time &
I’ll smoke this one for both of us
conjoined together in death as in life.